Monday, August 26, 2013

For the love of Washi!

So I'm not usually on the up and up of what is trendy but when I come across something I like or think is neat I'll go with it.  A few months back I was shopping at the local 3M Store {the hubby works for 3M so I have my own pass to shop defective and discount product!} and I ran across this fun tape that I had to grab.  Since then it has been sitting in a box and nothing has been done with it, and I kind of forgot all about it until....NOW

Not sure what Washi Tape is?  Neither did I so I had to look it up.... it is kind of like masking tape and the stuff I picked up is just that.  Now I need to track down the true product.

As I've been par-oozing the blogger world I've come across it a couple times and finally realized what it was.  I'm so excited to brows through Pinterest and add all sorts of projects to my 'to do list' {that I'll never get to} but I have a sudden urge to label EVERYTHING, watch out organization bins and gift wrap!

I realize it is not the real stuff made in Japan nor is it the exact same thing but I can't resist the patterns {or the deal}!  I'm hoping to maybe get some personal projects done, some labeling in my new office and at the store.

See it in action!
I wish I had fancier writing but this is it.

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