Monday, August 26, 2013

For the love of Washi!

So I'm not usually on the up and up of what is trendy but when I come across something I like or think is neat I'll go with it.  A few months back I was shopping at the local 3M Store {the hubby works for 3M so I have my own pass to shop defective and discount product!} and I ran across this fun tape that I had to grab.  Since then it has been sitting in a box and nothing has been done with it, and I kind of forgot all about it until....NOW

Not sure what Washi Tape is?  Neither did I so I had to look it up.... it is kind of like masking tape and the stuff I picked up is just that.  Now I need to track down the true product.

As I've been par-oozing the blogger world I've come across it a couple times and finally realized what it was.  I'm so excited to brows through Pinterest and add all sorts of projects to my 'to do list' {that I'll never get to} but I have a sudden urge to label EVERYTHING, watch out organization bins and gift wrap!

I realize it is not the real stuff made in Japan nor is it the exact same thing but I can't resist the patterns {or the deal}!  I'm hoping to maybe get some personal projects done, some labeling in my new office and at the store.

See it in action!
I wish I had fancier writing but this is it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Plans for the Future

We'd like to really ramp up our blogging and bring you a little more of what you're looking for.  So, we have a few NEW plans we are hoping encourage you to interact with us and follow.

First of all; we'd like to introduce ourselves...did you know that there are 2 business partners that make up MeshedDesigns?  Well, if you didn't our names are Amber Haugen and Shayna Nix.  We each live closer to one of our retail store locations than the other and we've been friend's our whole lives.

There, now that you know us we can say the next part of our plan.  We are going to be blogging more personally from now on with hopefully individual posts from each of us along with some store promotions too.

Ah and we have so many new updates to share with you now that we have TWO retail stores!  Can't even believe it!!!!!

Second; I {Amber} have thought to myself, what do I look for in blogs?  And, the answer is How To's and Inspiration of course!  I'm going to start blogging about projects, ideas, before and afters and some other fun things along the way.  In just a short week my family and I are moving into a nice old 1920's farmhouse that we've bought and I am soooo excited to put our touches on it.  The hubby and I have determined our style is 

Industrial Farmhouse Chic

Now, are you wondering what that all means?  Check out my Pinterest board of what has been inspiring me!

You'll probably end up seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly of our home updates but I'm excited to share.
Third; we've been told that our store looks like Pinterest in real life so to go along with our blog changes, we are going to write about real life Pinterest projects.  So, if you have anything you've been wanting to try but aren't quite ready, shoot us a message and we'll add it to the list!
We realize our plan, ideas, and style is kind of 'all over the board' but hey we are MeshedDesigns.  We'll talk more about where our name came from in another post.

Don't forget to follow us on all of the fun social networking platforms...we're on all of them @MeshedDesigns.